Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NEC Application

I recently applied to the NEC for a Development Permit Application for club use of existing trails on the MNR land (area shown on the trail map with the NEC designation as the Wodehouse Karst Resource Management Area) for xc skiing. So, if you are driving along Grey Rd. 30 through the valley you will probably notice an orange NEC Application notice at the intersection of road allowance 4A and Grey Rd. 30. The proposal: To establish formal cross-country ski trails within the Wodehouse Karst Resource Management Area managed by the new Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club (community volunteer run). The trails will utilized existing informal skiing and hiking and bush trails throughout the Management Area with only minor branch trimming and removal of deadwood undertaken where required.

1 comment:

  1. The land in question is MNR owned and has a multi free use policy. This means hikers, horse back riders, snowshoers, dog walkers, etc.. have been using these trails for decades for pleasure.Rather than impose formal cross country ski trails with intentions to possibly groom and then restrict these existing users on crown land, why wouldn't you use the already established Glenelg or Kolapore cross country ski trails which are already in place so that the rest of us can keep enjoying one of the few pieces of multi use crown land?