Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shared Trails

Ski tracks are what make a xc ski trail, whether it be from a track-setting machine or other skiers. The Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club does not have exclusive use of trails but we have tried to plan routes for both xc skiers and other winter users. When a snowshoer or hiker walks on ski tracks, this dramatically diminishes the enjoyment of skiers.

The priority for the Nordic Ski Club has been to have ski trails ready for the holidays. We have been able to mark the entire ski route with orange flagging and orange stakes, and JT from the BVSC has done a great job preparing and track-setting the trails. The BVSC split the cost of the roller, groomer and track-setter with the Nordic Club, which we were very fortunate to find second-hand. You really can find anything on Kijiji. 

What we still have to do is complete marking the multi-use (snowshoe trail), put up more clear signage at access points and make maps available to non-members as well as members. There are now over 5 km of xc ski trails and 5 km of multi-use trails. Our original vision has broadened to include all winter uses, not just skiing and we invite other users to join the Nordic Club. Through good communication and good will, we can accomplish so much together. The potential is truly amazing, human as well as natural. 

Please see Shared Trail Etiquette above. We welcome your feedback. Leave a comment or contact Cathy or any Director. If you are a BVSC member, you can also speak with Erika Forsek or Kimberley Edwards. 

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