Friday, December 20, 2013

Status Update

A small party of Nordic Club members and guests went skiing Wednesday morning.  We took turns breaking trail in about a foot of fresh powder snow. The consensus was that the ski trail is beautiful, however the tour did highlight the need for additional trail markings at some locations to avoid confusion (getting lost).

Currently the trails are too soft to carry out this task but what needs to happen should only take a few hours once snow conditions are right. Marking the multi-use (snowshoe) trail will take a few more hours after that.

Our commercial trailhead sign is not ready yet but there will be a trail map and notices posted at the trailhead about trail markings, trail etiquette and responsibility code.

Registration for non-members is required by Cross Country Canada and there will be opportunity to do that at the trailhead. You can also pick up an application/waiver form at the trailhead if you wish to join the Nordic Club and either mail it or leave it in the drop box, or email to request an application. Beaver Valley Ski Club members can purchase a Nordic Club membership at the front desk.

The NEC has given conditional approval to the Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club but we still must wait for the two-week public notice period to elapse, which takes us to January 3.

Watch this site for updates on trail conditions and our NEC status.

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