Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fresh Powder

Grooming with all the new snow is challenging but conditions are great. I went out with JT yesterday afternoon on the "sled" to show him the new Homestead Loop (L) so it has been packed down. It will take a few more runs before it can be track-set. Let's hope for next weekend. It's nice for back country skiing and a bit easier now breaking trail.

While we were out we track-set the loop closest to the Trailhead (ABCM) called, for now, Trailhead Loop (L) and also the Northwest Passage (JK) back to the road allowance. Unless you're protected in the trees, it's difficult to tell the groomer has been on other sections of trail; nevertheless there is a good base and skiers may reestablish the tracks. There is potential for some track-setting this morning.

Some skiers have been reporting on the trails and I really welcome and appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy the day.

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