Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nordic Trails March 1

I got out skiing yesterday afternoon - just had to check out the new trails. I'm happy to say that all the new trails have been groomed and track-set and although I didn't ski the whole original loop, it appeared that everything had been groomed.

A little bit of friendly education seems to have had an impact as the only tracks we saw beside ski tracks were turkey, deer and we think probably coyote. We caught sight of an animal on the tracks ahead of us before it bolted into the bush. When we got to that spot we saw paw prints and some scat that was not deer poop.

A high of -6 C is forecast for this afternoon, just like yesterday. That balmy temperature combined with the sunshine makes for perfect conditions. Some wind but no significant drifting.

We xc skied in April last year. Let's hope for the same this year.

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