Friday, November 15, 2013

No blog posts between October 2012 and November 2013 - how come?

Maybe the best way to put it is "that was then and this is now". Last November, we were disappointed to have to abandon our River Valley trail network because of safety issues with parking and trail access. When we were able to secure safe parking and access through the solid cooperation of the Beaver Valley Ski Club, we shifted our attention to the top of the Valley and the Wodehouse Trails. By contrast, this November every facet of the Club operation is falling into place. 

Have a look at our Strategic Plan in the menu above these posts. You will see that the BVNSC has a long-range plan to extend our trail system to include the lower trails (Valley Trails), the middle trails (Bud's Trails) and do more work at the top, (Wodehouse Trails). We will also strive to continually improve our grooming and track-setting capabilities. The more support the Club gets, the closer we are to realizing our vision.

Bottom: Future Valley Trails,  Mid-slope: Re-establish Bud's Trails, Top: Wodehouse Trails

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