Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday, January 16th

The 2014-15 trails are in good shape as is the new trail C-M-B. All have been groomed and track-set. You will need a map for this to make sense. Members' coloured maps are at the Kimberley General Store. Day-user b&w maps are in the black mailbox at the trailhead.

One new loop, tentatively called the Homestead Loop (KL) is well-flagged and brushed. As of late yesterday, it had not been groomed but would certainly be an enjoyable back-country ski, especially if you go with a group to take turns breaking trail.

The other new trail J-K (Northwest Passage) was brushed out last Saturday but has not been groomed as of late yesterday. Because of grooming needs we are rerouting the section of trail that connects with the old trail at J. J junction will be relocated hopefully before the weekend and the reroute well-flagged. Suggest that skiers and snowshoers avoid until the reroute is complete. Notice will be posted here.

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