Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trail Junctions

Some errors in trail junction signage have been corrected and more flagging has been added to new sections of trail.

Picture the trail area divided into quadrants with 4A running E-W and the Wodehouse Creek running N-S. There are two new loops one in the SW quadrant and one in the NW quadrant that have not been groomed but are worth checking out. The SW loop, tentatively called the Homestead Loop is well flagged from 4A. The NW trail, tentatively called the Northwest Passage,  is marked with a "K" at 4A and with a "J" at the junction with the old ski trail. "J" is a little further south than before and the reroute has been well flagged.


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  2. Correction - the Northwest Passage is actually just east of the Wodehouse Creek. My apologies.